We elevate the brands we manage to their fullest potential,
via results driven creativity and strategic thinking.

Brand Development

The power of brands is something we believe in. Brands capture the imagination and hearts of consumers. Our holistic approach starts with the brand; understanding what it really means to users in the ‘now’ and how it can reach its full potential. This begins with the people behind the brands, those who have to live it each day. We give them a space to dream in, ‘what do I want my brand to mean?’ and we guide them in making that dream a reality.

The brand identity, brand vision and mission and brand objectives emerge (sometimes painfully) from this process that begins with introspection, learning and empowering. Then we can go on to create meaningful campaigns, worthwhile programmes, exciting brand spaces and all the critical marketing support. Building brands builds business inside and out.

Creative Services

Generating creative ideas for brand campaigns and engagement programmes is no easy task but the G&A ideation team has the mettle and the talent for it. Our creative and design centres are made up of passionate and well versed professionals, each with specific strengths from creative writing to illustration, film production, typography, animation, digital design, desktop publishing and even interior design.

Led by Creative Director Allison Cadogan, herself an award winning writer, the team has produced work that has won numerous creative awards and the hearts of consumers in regional and international markets. Their work spans consumer foods; financial services; entertainment; tourism; hospitality and destination management; utilities; NGO & civil society; and retail.

Digital Engagement

Media is now on demand and more geared to the individual consumer’s needs. More audiences access content via digital platforms and the mobile screen has become the most important screen. We assist our clients with transitioning their brand and communications strategies to a digital and social media platform. Content is key and we’re passionate about influencing trends, shaping conversations and connecting brands with people. Not by only driving social media conversations but also by joining them and becoming a part of the online community. This is where engagement begins. From likes, comments, hits, shares, replies, retweets, favouriting, you name it, we aim to provide tangible results that build lasting relationships and brand followers.

Effective digital engagement means embracing technological innovation. We therefore don’t just build websites and develop apps, we extend K.I.C.K.© to formulating powerful online and on-the-go strategies for engaging critical audiences. From design functionality and brand aesthetics to SEO and content creation to usability and engagement, our technical and creative teams pull together to generate the web and app solutions for a range of clients. This is an integrated production of web developer, designer, brand specialist, content manager, digital media specialist and technical partner. We work together to focus on current client needs while projecting future user needs to provide the ongoing support and management for optimal results.

PR & Activation

PR/Brand Activation is a valuable piece of the brand-building puzzle. Our public relations expertise is more than reinforced with the journalistic editorial writing and media relations experience of over 25 years between members of the team. PR for us goes hand in hand with content creation and for engaging and informing audiences. We apply this across the traditional channels for media relations, stakeholder and community relations and the exciting digital channels that allow for all of these as well.

Our in-house media department in turn devises integrated channel strategies and targeted media plans to ensure the brand message connects with the audiences that matter most. G&A’s media agnostic philosophy encourages marketing communications innovation and allows for ensuring tangible results. Our brand activation services include media planning, campaign implementation, media buying across all platforms and event execution.


Brands must be experiential to allow consumers to immerse themselves within the tangible brand. G&A’s environmental design service takes a brand and applies it to a physical space to create an interactive sensory experience. A physical space provides a much more extensive and dynamic canvas to delineate a brand’s attributes and uniqueness in a very tangible way. In doing so, the space can become a key brand touch point and area of direct engagement with consumers. Utilizing brand cultures and philosophies G&A has developed interior and environmental design concepts for a number of commercial spaces including corporate offices, retail spaces and exhibition halls.


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