GRACE Tropical Rhythms Rebrand

Grace Kennedy Foods International is based in Jamaica and has been distributing its brands across the Caribbean, North America, the UK and Europe and most recently in Africa. The Grace Tropical Rhythms juice brand has been a favourite of the local Jamaican population for several years and has had reasonable success in the region and within the Diaspora.

G&A’s mission: strengthen the Tropical Rhythms brand and bring further visibility to it within the Caribbean region and beyond. As a first task, we undertook an introductory campaign for the Grace Tropical Rhythms canned juice category. This campaign was executed across six countries within the Caribbean region. The campaign creative and media tactics were developed with the aim of raising the profile of the brand and protecting market share.

The G&A team then moved on to the developmental work for the brand overall redesigning packaging for a number of SKUs. The new product packaging has been successfully launched across all major markets.






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