Snoop Hits a High Point in Design
Tracy Gill
By Tracy Gill  

“1st We Blaze It Up”, “Smoke Weed Everyday”, “So High”, “Stoner’s Anthem”, these are just a few of Snoop Dogg’s records expressing his love for the herb. With the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes in many states in the US and for recreational purposes in a select few, the Long Beach, California native rapper is looking to capitalize. Snoop Dogg launched his new cannabis brand, Leafs by Snoop, at a private event on November 9th and in that action created in his words, “…the first mainstream cannabis brand in the world”.

Now I’m neither here nor there about the reefer, I don’t smoke it, chew it, steep it or eat it myself. I have a respect for its healing properties for those suffering from terminal illness, and no qualms about choosing to use it responsibly for a bit of relaxation. What really excited me about this announcement was the brand design executions that came along with it.

Snoop turned to Pentagram New York partner Emily Oberman and her team to create the identity and branding for his ‘Leafs’. When speaking on the design process, Oberman stated “We wanted it to appeal to a broader spectrum of human”. The aesthetic they finally settled on was something the agency likes to call “California Cool”.

The designs combine asymmetrical slices of breezy scenes of palm trees at sunset, pools, perfect clouded skies and other laid-back, balmy imagery. A custom paisley pattern that incorporates the marijuana leaf is used across the range of media as a design element in a spot uv varnish. “We chose paisley because it is one of Snoop’s favorite patterns, borrowed from bandannas,” says Oberman.




The logo itself comprises a polygonal, faceted marijuana leaf with the cut out word mark in Hurme Geometric no. 1 and set in gold. A thoughtful expression that harkens back to Snoop’s love of weed and jewelry.




The product range includes a wide range of cannabis infused edibles, aptly called “Doggie Treats”, such as chocolates, sweets and gummy drops, as well as a collection of flower buds from different strains of the plant.




The major design challenge that Oberman and her team had to face were the many restrictions and ever-changing regulations on packaging and information that is required on all marijuana products. For example all buds need to be packaged in a child-proof bottle. It is a testament to great design that the end product shows no signs of being regulated or constricted in any way.




It is clear that commercial marijuana is going to be the next big thing. With Willie Nelson set to release his Willie’s Reserve in the near future, Snoop was wise to get into the market early. His insight as well as the decision to partner with Pentagram to create a brand that transcends simply lighting up, but captures that cool, nostalgic state of being is nothing short of brilliant.


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