Upping the ANTi: Rihanna’s 8th Album Artwork

The wait is over…almost.

Rihanna, the Queen of Pop and some may say the queen of ‘everything’, has finally broken the silence on her 8th studio album release. At a gallery showing at Los Angeles’ Mama Gallery on October 7th, Rihanna revealed the name of the highly anticipated album and … Read the rest

You Are What You Wear: Brands and Self-Expression

For decades, consumers have used brands as a means of self-expression. – Doc. Martens and 1960’s subculture, The Mods, Nike Jordan’s and the urban cool male, Apple iPhone and the trendy tech kids, or the Michael Kors watch – arm candy for the cool kids. Though individual, we are social … Read the rest

Does Marketing need a Lifeline?

The marketing construct has historically been shaped by popular culture and behavioural trends. From the Polaroid camera to Instagram, consumer inclinations have been the bane of the traditional marketer’s existence for decades. Consumer progressions have influenced the evolution and adaptation of marketing fundamentals. And now fast forward to today’s instant … Read the rest

Every Day I Run…

“We’re going to run then sing,” she said. I looked quizzically at my then vocal coach and blurted out “don’t you only run when being chased”. A line that resonated with me from one of my favourite cult films ‘The Faculty’. That was almost four years ago and little did … Read the rest


Dianne Squires is a former dancer and choreographer who is now Group President – Strategic Planning at G&A Communications Inc.

“Are you still dancing?”

I’m still greeted with that phrase by people who knew me only as a dancer at least ten years ago. Little do they know how I’ve … Read the rest


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